Endymions Dream...
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A young man sleeps
In the realm of dreams
And the goddess watches…

- Endymion / John McDonagh -

Endymions Dream is the homepage of John McDonagh. Feel free to delve inside and learn a little about who I am, what I do and what in life interests me.

Who the **** am I anyway?    
  Endymions Dream - Band project that never really found it's own feet. If anyone is good on synth/keyboards/sampling or drum programming let me know and we could get together sometime and see what we come up with.
Scuba Diving is one of my passions. Have a look around the Dublin University Sub Aqua Club site to see some of my friends and buddies.    
  Music - I am a HUGE fan of various kinds of music. Browse the link to find out how and why I fell for some of the bands that I know and love. My tastes range from gothic/industrial/darkwave through indie, a little metal, a little dance and bits and pieces of other stuff.  
I don't really have much of a philosophy for living, but someone sent me this one and it'll do for the moment. :-)    

Feel free to get in touch with me by e-mail.
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